Giving voice to your memories for many generations to come.
Our Story

At the tender age of seven, Kyle St. Clair had already touched the lives of more people, more deeply, than many of us ever will in a lifetime. Born prematurely into an amazing family, and most particularly to a Mother who is the true essence of Mother as Loving Warrior, “Big”, as he was known, quickly grew into a wise, charming, resilient, funny and loving child who was adored and admired by thousands. Big valiantly grappled with surgeries, procedures, medical appointments, medicines, equipment, hospitals and, far too frequently, disappointment as medical treatments failed to “cure” the myriad issues originally created by being born prematurely.

When word came that Big was entering hospice care, I knew I had to DO SOMETHING to help his family, my dear friends. I was haunted by their pain and, to some degree, understood it. I could sense the road they would tread and sleep would elude me for weeks.

I knew from personal experience the deep, unspeakable, senseless wounds permanently created from losing a child, from losing children. Big’s entry into hospice care triggered a sense of urgency, a need to help his family preserve his physicality to the greatest degree possible… because I already KNEW the depths of that loss. Big, that larger-than-life legend in the body of an adorable seven year old, inspired me to create Voice Kite in the middle of the night about three weeks after he entered hospice. I cobbled together a rudimentary prototype, visited the Portland, Maine SCORE office and have been racing to bring Voice Kite to the market ever since.

The “Voice Kite” team has been profoundly impacted by the devastating and often tragic results of premature birth. Brought together by the loss of four children and the ongoing management of prematurity issues for others, our bond is unspoken and fierce. Big’s entry into hospice care was the spark of inspiration that led to the creation of PJ Coeur, LLC and our very first product, Voice Kite, but it is love that brought us together rather than pain. Just like you, we love to celebrate our families and friends and to mark and preserve the many important milestones in our lives. We want to ensure our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren get to hear directly from US exactly what we think. We are moved by the power of the voice to evoke memories of the past in a way pictures alone simply cannot.

Whether it be your child’s changing voice, your elderly parent’s voice, or the voices of your friends over the years, the sounds of those voices have the power to make you smile, cry, ache, and/or laugh… We know. We get it. From the pyramids to the Taj Mahal to Trump Tower, mankind has sought to leave his true legacy behind for his descendants to know him when he is gone. What better legacy than to pass down your voice, narrating your pictures? Better yet, interviewing your loved one and capturing the tone, tenor, resonance and interplay of your voices for the joy and benefit of future generations?

With Voice Kite, you will not only get the standard benefits of other “big photo” sites (e.g. storage, organization, social media integration, sharing, etc.), you will also get the peace of mind in knowing that all of your digital media stored with us is seamlessly, easily and reliably handed down to your loved ones when you pass. You also get the very cool ability to voice tag your photos and tell your story in your own words. We have many unique and innovative end products that will enable you to publish those voice tagged photos, too.

Voice Kite is still in the pre-beta stage. We have confirmed our market and our business model and have built much of our core team. We have completed an incubator program and won tech grants. To move to the next stage, we need YOU to SIGN UP to join our newsletter and confirm your interest in what we are doing. There is no fee to sign up and, in fact, those who join us at this early stage are sure to be rewarded with significant perks when we launch Voice Kite for purchase down the road. If we have done our job here on our site, you will hopefully have been inspired to join us on our journey! Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn more about us and to listen to our slide show, play with the voice tags and SIGN UP!

We’re coming soon! Voice Kitegiving voice to your memories for many generations to come.